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as-3m / 5m series of rain-proof dual-temperature anti-mine amplifier


l  philips low noise power amplifier tube, the latter class uses advanced  push-pull circuit for amplification, with small distortion, high  reliability, fast cooling, good indicator, more suitable for  long-distance transmission.

l special dual  temperature compensation function, the use of philips negative  temperature resistance, can better automatic gain compensation and  automatic slope compensation, that is compensated cable attenuation with  temperature caused by high and low.

l the use of  dual temperature compensation can achieve the longest distance  transmission of not less than 12 km, and the basic release of all year  round to enlarge, the real spring, summer, autumn and winter to achieve  the same level.

l power supply part of a strict  lightning protection facilities, and the use of a good anti-mine, high  pressure (up to 5000v or more does not breakdown), low temperature rise,  low power consumption of high quality and efficient transformers,  coupled with special imported discharge tube and current large, fast response varistor, making lightning protection greatly enhanced.

l  equipped with 9db fixed equalization and adjustable equalization,  suitable for various lengths of cable transmission, 60v power supply  with power insertion port, and built-in voltage selection lamp.

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