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aos-3000ld building optical receiver


l  high-quality high-sensitivity pin photodetector and high-quality gaas  rf amplifier, low noise, small distortion, to ensure that the product's  high performance indicators and reliability.

l optical power level indicator, from -7dbm, -6dbm, -5dbm, -4dbm, -3dbm, -2dbm, -1dbm,

l  0dbm, 1dbm, 2dbm step by step display, to facilitate the project  staff to understand the size of the received optical power; thus  facilitating the engineering staff for network debugging.

l the product uses a wide range of heat a small switching power supply to adapt to different workplace and voltage needs.

l  optical agc control, the input optical power -7 ~ 2 dbm, the output  level remains essentially unchanged, ctb, cso basically unchanged.

l  the new cast aluminum passivated waterproof case, easy to install in  the chassis or steel hinge rope; at the same time to ensure the optical  receiver electromagnetic shielding performance and thermal performance.

equalizer, attenuator are continuously adjustable, user-friendly debugging.