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aos-1550g 1550nm optical transmitter


l  suitable for optical fiber transmission of image, voice and data  (compressed data) signals in the broadcasting cable tv and  telecommunication industry.

l selection of  internationally renowned brands of high-performance dfb lasers and  linbo3 external modulator, narrow spectral line, good linearity, high  output power.

l high-performance sbs (stimulated  brillouin scattering) / spm (self-phase modulation) suppression design  technology ensures excellent optical link specifications.

l 47 ~ 862 m h z working bandwidth.

l patented rf predistortion design ensures that c / ctb and c / cso indicators are still good at high c / n values.

with rf automatic gain control (agc) function, also can choose manual gain control (mgc).

l  built-in perfect microcomputer automatic monitoring circuit, real-time  accurate monitoring of the light output power and the laser state.

l  real-time vfd display on the front panel, which accurately displays the  working status parameters and fault information of the device.

l  19 "1u high standard rack with standard rs-485 or rs-232 network  management interface for remote network management monitoring.