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ag-8900 1310nm dual power optical transmitter


l dual power backup, power failure occurs automatically switch.

selection of internationally renowned brand of high-performance dfb lasers.

l suitable for optical fiber transmission of image, voice and data signals in catv and telecommunication industries.

l advanced pre-distortion circuit, effectively improve the c / ctb and c / cso indicators.

l has mgc / agc function.

l with rf input level attenuator, to adapt to different input levels.

slow start-up circuit and rf over-driver protection circuit to ensure the laser is not damaged.

l microcomputer monitoring circuit, real-time precise monitoring transmitter status.

l front panel led real-time display, accurate display of the equipment status parameters and fault information.

l  19 "1u high standard rack with standard rs-485 or rs-232 network  management interface for remote network management monitoring.