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aos-1550ed 1550nm erbium-doped fiber amplifier


l  for long-distance optical fiber transmission of images, voice and data  (compressed data) signals in the cable television and telecommunications  industries.

  l choose the internationally renowned  brand 980nm / 1480nm low-noise pump laser, low distortion, wide band,  high output optical power.

l imported high-performance erbium-doped fiber, high energy conversion efficiency.

stable and reliable control circuit, to ensure that the indicators at the best value.

a variety of output power to facilitate user choice.

l  built-in perfect microcomputer automatic monitoring circuit, real-time  precise monitoring of the light output power and laser working  conditions.

l front panel embedded blue screen vfd display, accurate display of the equipment status parameters and fault information.

l  19 "1u high standard rack, with a standard rs-485 or rs232 network  management interface, easy to achieve network management monitoring.