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as-1000m-1 optical receiver


l  as-1000m-d2 building optical receiver is to adapt to the optical  passive (pon) access network fiber to the building (fttb) and the design  of low optical power optical receiver products.

l  this machine chooses high sensitive pin tube, the front adopts low-noise  gallium arsenide amplification chip, the last stage adopts gallium  arsenide push-pull amplifier circuit, the maximum output level can reach  1 channel of 104 dbμv.

l the machine is also  equipped with high-precision lightning surge switch power supply, agc  automatic output level control, light receiving power led component  indication. the main performance of the main device, coupled with well-designed circuit to ensure high performance and reliability.

l  to solve the problem of equipment management or eoc insertion, this  machine adds optional network management transponder and duplexer to  realize hfc network management system monitoring and eoc hybrid function  through ethernet.