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amt-2000 indoor building bidirectional amplifier


aluminum alloy die-casting shell, indoor structure, easy to use, good thermal performance.

forward  dual-module, the former use of nxp bgy885a or nec mc-7832s, after the  use of nxp or nec gaas power amplification module; reverse nxp bgy66b or  bgy68 single module, advanced technology, stable and reliable  performance.

two-way filter, equalizer, attenuator,  positive and negative amplification module using the plug-in design,  product structure novel, equalizer, attenuator universal, and the  machine has a backup attenuator, the use of flexible and convenient.

amplifier  has both positive and negative input and output -20db test port (a  total of four test port), can be easily monitored positive / negative  signal level.