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company culture

company culture

corporate visionto become the leading brand of radio and television industry

our missiono help partners  achieve their dreams, to create the greatest value for customers, love  my motherland, for the world's radio and television development and work  hard.

corporate valuessunshine, responsibility, win-win, thanksgiving, professionalism, excellence

corporate purposesabide by the  laws and regulations of the state, safeguard the honor of the nation,  create opportunities for employees, create value for customers, create  wealth for the society and maximize the interests of shareholders;  strive for excellence and advocate dedication; for the development of  radio and television industry, for the prosperity of the motherland and  human beings the contribution of progress to power.

army cultureyes, to ensure the completion of the task.

family cultureyour business is my business.

school cultureeverything makes way for learning.

team cultureunification of thinking, unity of purpose, unity of action; striving for coming, coming to war, fighting to win! first battle with me, i will win!